Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sing it to me, Wino.

Amy Winehouse just does it for me right now.  I loved her from the first time I heard Back To Black, and I listened to it so much that my 6 year old knows all the words.  She's so raw on that whole album.  Maybe because I know (and am related to) so many with substance abuse issues, even when she was all whacked out and obviously sick I was rooting for her.  And when I heard that she had died it was so sad not only because she was so young but also because I wanted to be able to hear more from her.  I loved that crazy crackhead.  This song in particular I've been singing to myself a lot lately, and seems appropriate for this rainy day and my mixed up heart


  1. I love reading your blog and thought you deserved an award for your new home. Go to www.witchrants.blogspot.com to see the Sunshine Award.

  2. Her death was a true tragedy to the world. No one should die with that much soul left in them.