Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Week In Review

I brought my camera to Thanksgiving and took not a single picture.  So for that, you will have to just picture me next to the chiminea on my parents deck with a fire going, glass of red in my hand, laughing with family as my daughters danced and sang for us. 

But for the rest of it ...

Berry pancakes and Butterbean giving you "the eyes"

Mooch protecting her sister from the Abominable Snowman while watching Rudolph

Making snowcones from their Snoopy Snow Cone maker in 40 degree weather.  These days it feels like our little girl troop is very fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants .... we craft and cook a lot, go for lots of hikes.  Every weekend that they are with me we all sleep together in my bed, one girl on either side of me.  My mind can be racing and I can be very out of sorts, but snuggling up with them is the best sleep I have.

Shaving cream + food colouring = puffy bath finger paint

An added bonus I didn't think of before we did this - after they had painted the bathtub top to bottom, I handed them both washcloths and told them to wipe everything off.  They got into that almost as much as the painting part.  So their bathtub is now shining - not that I condone child labor.  Ahem.

And since you didn't get to see the Halloween costumes, I give you the greatest kids costumes ever.  FIN.


  1. Those costumes ROCK!!



  2. Aww, good on Mooch being the protective big sister! And AWESOME costumes lady!